Rivka Amado sings in a live concert, August 2009.
Joel Siegel (guitar) , Doron Rotem (guitar), Aharon Wheels Bolsta (Percussion),Hank Levin (Percussion)


Live Recording of Una Pastora on May 19, 2009 at the Jewish Center in Princeton, NJ.

Performed by Rivka Amado (voc), Ralph Abraham (git), Daniel Berry (piano), Daniel Brent (perc), and Audrey Betsy (perc).




Rivka Amado, and the “Blue Hills” musical ensemble, perform an entrancing collection of traditional Sephardic (Ladino) songs.  Rivka’s performance mixes historical narrative, accounts of Sephardic culture, and popular Sephardic songs.



La Prima Vez, performed by Blue Hills at a Midpeninsula Community Media Center Studio Session on 5 August 2012.


Vocals: Rivka Amado

Dance: Hilit MAniv

Guitar: Itamar Shapira

Percussion: Katja Cooper



Vocals: Rivka Amado
Dance: Hilit Maniv
Guitar:Itamar Shapira
Percussion:Katja Cooper

En la Mar Performed on Nov 12 2012  at Nexus Multicultral Centre, Adelaide, Australia., when I visited Australia. This clip was captured by an Ipad4 on one of the front tables.

Rivka Amado-Canter

Kat Stevens-Violin

Al Valodze-Guitar

Adrain Van Nunen-percussion