Israel Engagement Committee
invites you to a cabaret evening of
Israeli and Sephardic Music and Food

Sunday, June 2, 2013
4:30PM Cuisine
5:30PM – 7:00PM Concert
Congregation B’nai Shalom
74 Eckley Lane, Walnut Creek
Social Hall


RSVP before May 28, 2013, by calling Barbara at 925-934-9446
or directly via our web at
$18 for Members, $22 for Non- Members. Under 18 – Free
Tickets will be available at the door for $25

En la Mar Performed on Nov 12 2012  at Nexus Multicultral Centre, Adelaide, Australia., when I visited Australia. This clip was captured by an Ipad4 on one of the front tables.

Rivka Amado-Canter

Kat Stevens-Violin

Al Valodze-Guitar

Adrain Van Nunen-percussion

RivkaAmado-12Dec2012, Melbourne


University of Adelaide

Linguistics  and  Endangered  Languages  present:

Vanishing  Voices: Traditional  Ladino  (Judeo-­

Spanish)  Music


Ladino,  a.k.a.  Judeo-­Español,  is  a  severely  endangered  Jewish  language   that  is  a  fusion  of  Castilian  Spanish  (15th  century)  and  Hebrew.  It  dates   from  the  Spanish  Expulsion  in  1492,  after  which  Ladino  became  a   vernacular  among  eastern  and  Mediterranean  Sephardi  Jews  and   constituted  a  major  part  of  their  literary  and  folksong  culture,  as  well  as  a   daily  spoken  language.      Rivka  Amado  and  band  present  a  night  in  the  Gardens  of  Spain:  music   from  the  lost  homeland  of  the  expelled  Jews.

Further  particulars:

Free  Entrance␣Gold  Coin  Donation  Welcome



We’re on the air! the Media Center will be broadcasting our show this Thursday on their channel 27 MC Studio Session show. Current dates:

Thu, Sep 20th 1:30am
Fri, Sep 21st 9:00pm
Sat, Sep 22nd 10:00pm

More dates are coming up- check their show schedule for additions. The Media Center also streams each channel as they broadcast it, so you can watch our show on your device of choice if you aren’t in the Bay Area.

Some of the tunes came out great, best we’ve done. We’re going to pull some favorites out as separate videos; more news when they’re available.

Durme durme_01